Thursday, December 28, 2017

Throwing Back to... 'ROMPER ROOM'

By Steve Crum

Throwing back to 1950's TV in Kansas City...when Miss Virginia led her daily guest kids (1954-64) through a half hour of Mr. Do-Bee, rules of etiquette, how to say The Pledge of Allegiance, how to pray before a meal, and how to eat de-crusted sandwiches. The show was Romper Room. The franchised and syndicated show was unique in that it was broadcast live in major cities throughout the United States, but with different hosts. For example, there were Miss Nancy, Miss Jean, Miss Rosemary, Miss Barbara, and so on...depending on the city. The show began in 1953.

I was never a fan (it focused on 4-5 year-olds), but my younger sister Becky definitely was. However, I am still upset that Miss Virginia never saw me and said my name via her magic mirror.

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