Friday, April 7, 2017

Long lived the king of insult laughs: DON RICKLES

By Steve Crum

Honoring the memory of 90 year-old Don Rickles, who passed away yesterday, April 6, enjoy this smattering of unique moments in his comedic (and sometimes dramatic--via Run Silent, Run Deep) showbiz career. 

Due to ever increasing "political correctness" (damn, I hate that phrase), insult comedy has died with Rickles. Mr. Warmth made funny insults an art unto himself. 
A familiar scene for Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show fans, this 1968 photo was taken the hilarious time Don Rickles interrupted a shtick featuring Carson and some Japanese young ladies massaging him. Johnny soon pushed Don into a bathtub.

Mr. Warmth interacts with The Beatles at a function in 1964. Well, TWO of The Beatles: Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

Don Rickles is probably doing his comedy insult bit with Clark Gable during a break in filming Run Silent, Run Deep (1958). Gable starred, along with Burt Lancaster, and Rickles gave a fine performance in support.

Rickles made the cover of this September 1971 Jimmy Olsen comic book, flanked by a couple of superheroes, including Superman. Rickles is featured within the book as drawn form.

Guest host Frank Sinatra does his best to control Don Rickles during a 1977 The Tonight Show.


Peacefully rest, you hockey puck of hockey pucks. #

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