Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer movies I want to see, kind of want to see, and don't want to see...Part 2/June 2013

By Steve Crum

Objectively reviewing a movie is a misnomer. Try as I try, personal preferences and influences affect the viewing of any film. Call it being human. Reviewing has always been an “in my opinion” process, so why not admit it? Of course, I am aware there are many tastes out there who turn to a movie review for information and guidance. There needs to be a word for the film critic who falls between subjective and objective. Come to think of it, that should describe all film critics. 

That said, if I had to pay to see summer movies, instead of screening them for free, I would avoid these repugnant-to-my-taste film factors: coming-of-age/teen romance-sex “comedies”; animation; martial arts; anything Seth Rogen; sequels, particular the 5th or more; slasher horror; and zombies. True, I often exist outside the mainstream bubble. 

Of 109 summer releases, my list happens to include 29 subjectively chosen titles. Opening dates, in parenthesis, might change. The June sampling:

AFTER EARTH [Originally slated for June 7, but released May 29] 
Real life dad and son, Will and Jaden Smith, were effective in The Pursuit of Happyness, so this sci-fi yarn should benefit as well. After crashing on an angry planet (Earth), the two encounter life threatening challenges. This is co-penned by director M. Night Shyamalan. (I wrote and rated this before viewing the film, and would now place it in the So-So viewing category.) 
Sofia Coppola directs Harry Potter’s Emma Watson in a fact-based crime drama involving teens teaming up to steal jewelry from celebrity homes. The real story is the kids’ obsession with their own reality show-like celebrity, criminal as it certainly is. 
Morgan Neville’s documentary focuses on the unheralded backup singers who make pop stars like Mick Jagger and Sting look and sound even better. I could care less about pop stars like Jagger and Sting, so why would I be interested in their assistants? (OK, I’m a little interested.) 
WORLD WAR Z [June 21]
Producer-star Brad Pitt’s six-years-in-the-making, $170 million sci-fi spectacular is all about a virus killing millions, and their reanimation into calculating, fast stepping zombies. The Running Dead. Maybe I could truly enjoy a zombie movie after all.

Those partial to Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (like me) should enjoy this Shawn Levy directed comedy that pits two jobless pals as competitive interns at the Internet’s tech central, Google. Probably good for at least a Google giggle. 
Before Sulley and Bill (voices of John Goodman and Billy Crystal) buddied up in Monsters, Inc., they attended Monsters U., when they were not yet buds. This animated comedy prequel is referred to as a Pixar-esque Revenge of the Nerds
THE HEAT [June 28]
Since her comedic breakthrough two years ago in Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy has embellished her popular, starring comedies with pratfalls and crude laughs. Here teamed with Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, it is a flip of the tried and true male buddy cop movie, featuring two females. 
 Jamie Foxx plays the President, with Channing Tatum his Secret Service guy (sort of). The real draw here is director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day), who orchestrates a White House under siege by mercenaries. 

NO-NO's...only one sticks out
Seth Rogen always appears to have a tobacco chaw behind his lower lip, which is the funniest thing about him. And that's not funny at all. Rogen, the force behind the disastrous The Green Hornet, directs and stars in this star-laced comedy. Look for Judd Apatow/Freaks and Geeks grads James Franco and Jason Segel as well as Jonah Hill and Emma Watson. They’re together at a wild party somehow connected to the world’s end. The title says it all. If they live through it, it could be Hangover 4. For joy.
This trailer for This Is The End reinforces my expectations:

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