Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GENE AUTRY, the cowboy trail begins


Liquid highway winds blue
Through Mojave sand.
Red mountains inch closer,
Digging a horizontal pattern on land
Of memories.
Thinking I will stand
To meet the mountains.
~By Steve Crum
Crooning to actress EVALYN KNAPP, GENE AUTRY strums his guitar amidst the cacti, rocks, sagebrush, mountains, and moody sky. This original Mascot Studio production still is from 1934's IN OLD SANTA FE, which starred KEN MAYNARD. Even Maynard's horse TARZAN received top billing over Autry. In fact, Autry is unbilled in the credits, portraying an unnamed singer. SMILEY BURNETTE, who would soon become Autry's sidekick, is also uncredited as an accordionist-singer. The following year, after smoothy stealing In Old Santa Fe from star Maynard, Gene Autry would replace him in the surrealistic western serial, The Phantom Empire. Ninety-three Autry cowboy movies would follow. [from Steve Crum's showbiz memorabilia collection]

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