Monday, February 8, 2010

Worth 1,000 Words: AL JOLSON ready for takeoff

By Steve Crum

SUPERSTAR AL JOLSON takes the “pause that refreshes.” More is now known (as of an hour ago) regarding this UNPUBLISHED photo of The World’s Greatest Entertainer, Al Jolson. Thanks to input from Jolson scholars as well as my own web research, it is thought the pic was taken during a flight to Sacramento, California in January, 1947, to attend the second inaugural of Earl Warren as Governor of California. 

Others, possibly Friars Club members, on the plane included Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. The unidentified gentleman with Jolie is an executive with American Airlines, so says the accompanying caption. And Coca Cola bottles are product placement-like displayed hither and yon. As far as I know, Jolie never did any Coke ads. Is Jolson traveling coach? [from Steve Crum’s showbiz memorabilia collection]
Here's Jolie himself, singing Swanee from The Jolson widescreen, color, and HD:

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  1. Thanks for loading this version of "Swanee" Steverino, along with the wonderful pic of Al

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