Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Worth 1,000 Words: KEN MAYNARD & TARZAN

IN 1934, WHEN THIS ORIGINAL STILL was displayed in movie theaters around the world, KEN MAYNARD (July 21, 1895-March 23, 1973) was nearing the twilight of his cowboy movie star years. In fact, IN OLD SANTA FE was the end of the trail for his career at Mascot Pictures. Future cowboy star GENE AUTRY (Sept. 29, 1907-Oct. 2, 1998) appears in his film debut as Gene, a singer. A year later, in 1935, producer Nat Levine replaced recently fired Maynard in the sci-fi western The Phantom Empire with Autry. It was Autry's first starring role.
That is KEN MAYNARD leaning on a trusty ol' convertible as his trusty ol' steed, TARZAN, looks on amongst the cacti and clouds. A barely visible Evalyn Knapp sits inside the car, cooing at Ken. [from Steve Crum's showbiz memorabilia collection]
Some cowpoke trivia: Cowboy hero sidekicks George "Gabby" Hayes and Smiley Burnette also appear in In Old Santa Fe.
Also, Maynard is only lip synching the singing to Bob Nolan of The Sons of the Pioneers.

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