Friday, November 27, 2009


OPENING THE 1953-54 TV SEASON, The Jack Benny Show's special guest was rising star MARILYN MONROE (June 1, 1926-Aug. 5, 1962). In this unpublished color photo (Jack's show was in black and white), EDDIE ROCHESTER ANDERSON (Sept. 18, 1905-Feb. 28, 1977) and JACK BENNY (Feb. 14, 1894-Dec. 26, 1974) flank MONROE during rehearsal. [from Steve Crum's show biz memorabilia collection]
MILT JOSEFSBERG, one of Benny's top writers on both radio and TV, talks about Monroe's appearance in his book, The Jack Benny Show: ...Regardless of the stories about her laxness and lateness later in her career, she was punctual and a pleasure to work with in those days. One of the great pleasures that all men on the set enjoyed was watching Miss Monroe walk, either toward them or away from them. She was rehearsing a scene where she was on the stage solo and had to walk away from the camera. All of us, including Jack, sat in the front seats of the studio watching her. Our director, one of TV's best, a young man named Ralph Levy, made her repeat the walk several times. Each time she did so, there would be some whispered, off-color comments by those of us seated in the studio. Finally Jack, in an attempt at humor, whispered, 'I don't know why everyone raves about Marilyn. I've got a pretty attractive ass myself.' This caused a light giggle, which erupted into a volcanic laugh....
Why not check out Marilyn Monroe yourself on The Jack Benny Show?:

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