Monday, November 2, 2009

Worth 1,000 Words: LEO CARRILLO Rides Again!

HEY, CISCO...HEY, PANCHO! LEO CARRILLO, the late and great veteran actor best known as Pancho, The Cisco Kid's sidekick in numerous TV episodes, is decked out in western splendor during a personal appearance 52 years ago. This press photo ran in The Chicago American on Dec. 5, 1957. The caption: "Never had it so good," whinnied Conquistador as he bore his master Leo 'Pancho' Carrillo, of film fame, into the Hotel Sherman. They were greeted by Sherman-Ambassador Hotels Board Chairman Frank W. Bering. He is a lifelong friend of Carrillo. Horse and rider are in Chicago for the 45th Annual Convention of the Showmen's League of America. Always together on the silver screen, Pancho and Conquistador will be parted by many floors in the hotel. After registering, Carrillo was ushered to a suite high in the hostelry, while the horse has a stable in the garage. [from Steve Crum's showbiz memorabilia collection]

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