Saturday, October 24, 2009

Worth 1,000 Words: ANDY WILLIAMS & PAT BOONE

TAKEN 50 YEARS AGO, this rare publicity photo features two pop singers whose records were in competition with Elvis during the dawn of rock 'n roll and beyond. ANDY WILLIAMS, left, accepts a pair of white bucks from PAT BOONE. The shoes were Boone's signature apparel. Dated Jan. 16, 1959, the ABC-TV press info on the reverse is headlined, ANDY TAKES OVER FOR PAT JULY 3: Come July 3, ABC-TV's Pat Boone will be off for a summer of filming and vacationing, and Andy Williams will be minding "The Chevy Showroom." Andy will be aided and abetted by comedian Dick Van Dyke and the dancing Bob Hamilton Trio. [from Steve Crum's show biz memorabilia collection]
A few years later, circa 1966, Andy and Pat sang together along with Elke Sommer:

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