Sunday, August 30, 2009


By Steve Crum

Is it deja vu when you see Enchanted, 2007’s very delightful Disney musical spoof of classic fairy tales? It should be, since several familiar children’s stories are lovingly and cleverly blended into one script, and gently spoofed. Enchanted’s primary tale, however, is Cinderella, which the Disney studio itself produced as a successful animated film in 1950. Enchanted marks the 60th time the Cinderella story has been produced for motion pictures.

CINDERELLA, as a matter of fact, has been remade the most times of any story in film history. Beginning in 1898 with Great Britain’s silent Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother, there have been Cinderella ballets, cartoons, operas, parodies, and *gasp* porno versions produced worldwide. An oddity, and a particular favorite of mine, is Cinderfella (1960), in which Jerry Lewis plays the title character with Ed Wynn as his Fairy Godfather.

There were 21 silent Cinderella films, most notably Mary Pickford’s starring role in 1914’s Cinderella. Other quiet era titles were 1913’s Cinderella’s Slipper; a Dinky Doodle cartoon, Cinderella (1925); and the live action Cinderella and the Boob (1913). Note: The latter title was not an early porn flick.

Catch these sound era titles: First Love (1939) with Deanna Durbin; Cinderella’s Fella (1940) with Juanita Quigley; a Krazy Kat cartoon, Cinderella (1930); The Slipper and the Rose (1976); Sepia Cinderella (1947), a black version featuring Billy Daniels; and 1940’s Bright Path, a Communist take produced in the USSR. [Perhaps the glass slipper becomes property of the state?]

Will this Prince Charming, foot fitting madness ever end?!
Sing along with Cinderella here:

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