Thursday, July 9, 2009


By Steve Crum

Film scores have been a passion of mine since my youth. In those early days before DVD, CD, cassette, iTunes, Netflix, Laser Disc, VHS, Beta, and even 8-track, the only way to 'bring home' a favorite movie was via its movie soundtrack music on LP aka 33-1/3 rpm. This was also known as a long playing record, young ones. [Perhaps this piece should begin with 'Once upon a time...'] My record album collection of movie scores and soundtracks once numbered at nearly 400. I loved movies big time. Still do. A few of my friends in those bygone days spent a lot more than I did by collecting their favorite movies on 16mm film. But that is another story. Here's your Crummy Trivia regarding classic movie composers:
Who composed the music for both The Robe [1953] and The Greatest Story Ever Told [1965]?
Answer: ALFRED NEWMAN [1901-70]. His name invariably gets a titter from those who think of the moronic mascot of Mad Magazine, Alfred E. Neuman. Composer Newman was a prolific and brilliant musician who is most associated with 20th Century Fox where he wrote hundreds of film scores over several decades. His last score was 1970's Airport. Newman is the uncle of pop composer-performer Randy Newman, and brother of Lionel Newman, a composer and conducter in his own right. It doesn't end there. His other brother Emil, as well as children Thomas, Marie, David, and Grand Nephew Joey [all Newmans] are composers!
For a medley of Alfred Newman's great film scores, follow this link:

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